Our OA Healthcare Portfolio

MJS has extensive experience within peer-reviewed Open Access (OA) publications in health sciences. Moreover, we solely publish society-owned journals and thereby understand their specific needs, and fully respect editorial independence and society directives.

Our main publications, Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine (JRM), Acta Dermato-Venereologica (ActaDV) and Acta Orthopaedica (ActaO) have just be joined by the journals of Acta Chirurgica Scandinavica Scandinavian Journal of Urology (SJU) and Journal of Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgery (JPHS). These journals are all well-established, high impact journals and the first three were early adopters of OA.

ActaDV has recently celebrated its 100-year anniversary and flipped to OA in 2011. The journal currently has an Impact Factor of 3.875 and is ranked within the first quartile in the JCR Dermatology category. ActaO recently celebrated its 90-year anniversary and was one of the first journals in its previous publishing house to flip to OA in 2005. The journal has since had a very positive development and currently has an Impact Factor of 3.925, ranking it in the first quartile of the JCR Orthopedics category. JRM flipped to OA in 2017 and celebrated its 50-year anniversary a few years ago. The current Impact Factor is 3.959 and the journal is ranked in the first quartile of the JCR Rehabilitation category. All of the journals have international editorial boards, are aimed at audiences all over the world and have affiliations with societies internationally. In addition, MJS currently serves as publishing partner for Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine – Clinical Communication as well as for Scandinavian Journal of Materials Science, both of which are newly established journals.

Journal owner organizations have valued working with a small publisher due to the greater autonomy in terms of publishing policies, improved quality, greater financial control, financial savings as well as the level of flexibility supported by MJS.