About MJS

Medical Journals Sweden AB is owned by two non-profit organisations – Society for Publication of Acta Dermato-Venereologica and Foundation of Rehabilitation Information. MJS was established in 2021, after the combined editorial offices for Acta Dermato-Venereologica and Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine, running since 2006, amalgamated. Leaning on over 30 years of experience in academic publishing, MJS now forms a private limited company with a not-for-profit ideology, able to offer its services to other interested journals in the research community.

The board consists of four academic persons recruited by the owners, as well as the former editorial manager of Medicaljournals.se – the former joint editorial office for Acta Dermato-Venereologica and Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine. This ensures that we work in close contact with academia and authors from around the world.


Journals choosing to publish with MJS are free to make their own decisions on what level of support they require, and have great autonomy over policy, financial and workflow decisions for their journals (as long as they are in alignment with the core values of MJS).

Transparency, integrity, and flexibility underline our relationships with journal owners, and we pride ourselves on offering journals a personal service with dedicated contact people and a small team. The not-for-profit ideology ensures that any surplus made is reinvested into the journal owner organizations with the purpose of benefiting research and education, as well as continuous improvements to our publishing services.

In partnership with our journal owners, authors and editors we want to make sure that research and knowledge is shared as widely as possible, impacting academia and beyond globally. Together with the reviewers we ensure that all work we publish meets the highest academic standards by ensuring rigorous peer review and editorial editing.

Personal Service

At MJS we pride ourselves on a flexible and personalized approach to publishing, with scientific quality and author experience at heart. We offer first-class author services, high production standards, and worldwide dissemination of published research. Our aim is to make the publishing process as simple and straightforward as possible, adapting our services according to the varying experience levels, motivations, and ambitions of our authors.

Our small but highly efficient editorial team, with an average of 20 years of experience in academic publishing, takes responsibility for the entire publishing process. This means that authors will usually have only one contact person from submission to publication, which is quite unique these days. It also means that we build long-lasting relationships with the research communities we work within, and learn the unique characteristics of the different subject areas.