Hand Pruritus: Clinical Profile, Functional Impairment and Disease-related Burden in a Prospective Cohort Study of 395 Patients


  • Teresa Gabriele Nau
  • Viola Rau
  • Claudia Zeidler
  • Sonja Ständer
  • Manuel P. Pereira Department of Dermatology and Center for Chronic Pruritus, University Hospital Münster, Von- Esmarch-Str. 58, DE-48149 Münster, Germany




chronic pruritus, itch, hands, burden, quality of life, patient-reported outcomes


Human hands are complex structures essential for a variety of functions in everyday life. This study prospectively investigated the clinical features of hand pruritus and the resulting functional impairment and disease-related burden in 395 patients with chronic pruritus (210 females, median age 59 years). Moderate to very severe hand pruritus was reported by 91.2% of patients, while 79% perceived additional sensory symptoms, such as burning, pain or tingling. A long duration of pruritus occurred in most cases (>6 months: 71.4%). A considerable proportion of patients showed moderate to severe impairment in the use of their hands (40.2%), performance of daily activities (65.0%) and quality of life (45.2%). Disease severity and burden is particularly high when both the palms and the backs of the hands are affected, and when pain is present simultaneously. Pruritus located on the hands is impairing and burdensome due to the functional relevance of the hands in everyday life.


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