Publication Fees

Submission fee:

A submission fee must be paid during the process of submitting a manuscript, and the manuscript will not be considered submitted until this fee has been paid. This fee will NOT be repaid even if the manuscript is not accepted for publication in our journal. 

  • €50 for Short Communication and Quiz
  • €100 for Full Report

Publication fee

When a paper has been accepted the author(s) will be charged a fee (Article Processing Charge, APC), to cover the costs associated with running the journal. Please note that no articles will be published until the APC has been paid. The APC depend on the article type and article length and follows the HINARI waiver policy for developing countries:

Full reports, i.e. original articles, reviews, special reports, etc.

  • A maximum of 5 typeset pages (approx. 4000 words (inclusive of references) + < 4 small illustrations (tables or figures)): €1000
  • A maximum of 7 typeset pages (approx 6000 words (inclusive of references) + 4 illustrations (tables or figures)): €1400
  • More than 7 typeset pages (more than 6000 words and 4 illustrations (tables or figures): €1600

Short communications* (short case reports, etc) that do not exceed 2 typeset pages (inclusive of references and figures/tables): €400

Quizzes with 150-200 words in the case presentation and approximately 900 words in the discussion: €300

Supplementary material involves a fee of 25 €/file to cover administration costs, but video files will be published free of charge.

*The review process is the same for full papers and brief definite reports, but brief definite reports will be published as "Short Communications". Thus, they are not second or third class but simply contain data that can be communicated in a short, crisp fashion instead of being published as full reports.