Challenges in Clinical Research and Care in Pruritus


  • Manuel P. Pereira
  • Claudia Zeidler
  • Michael Storck
  • Konstantin Agelopoulos
  • Wolfgang G. Philipp-Dormston
  • Alexander Zink
  • Sonja Ständer



itch, patient-reported outcome, guideline, clinical trials, clinical research


Chronic pruritus is a frequent global condition. The pathophysiology, underlying aetiology, clinical manifestation, associated burden and response to therapy of chronic pruritus varies from patient to patient, making clinical research and management of this condition challenging. There are still several unmet needs, such as the need to standardize translational research protocols, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures and to enhance the knowledge of the humanistic and economic burden associated with chronic pruritus. Basic and clinical research is of the utmost importance to target these matters. Clinical research has the potential to identify new relevant mechanisms in affected patients, which may lead to identification of novel therapy targets. This article discusses in depth current shortcomings in the daily care of patients with chronic pruritus and the challenges clinical researchers and physicians treating chronic pruritus face in addressing these matters.


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P. Pereira, M., Zeidler, C., Storck, M., Agelopoulos, K., G. Philipp-Dormston, W., Zink, A., & Ständer, S. (2020). Challenges in Clinical Research and Care in Pruritus. Acta Dermato-Venereologica, 100(2), 45–51.