Association between Primary Cutaneous B-cell Lymphomas and Other Skin Cancers: A Multicentre Cohort Study


  • Gianluca Avallone
  • Gabriele Roccuzzo Department of Medical Sciences University of Turin, Turin, Italy
  • Ignacio Torres-Navarro
  • Federica Gelato
  • Luca Mastorino
  • Andrea Agostini
  • Martina Merli
  • Francesco Cavallo
  • Marco Rubatto
  • Rebecca Senetta
  • Rafael Botella Estrada
  • Simone Ribero
  • Pietro Quaglino Dermatology Clinic, Department of Medical Sciences University of Turin, Via Cherasco 23, IT-10121 Turin, Italy



Cutaneous lymphoma, primary cutaneous b cell lymphoma, melanoma, skin cancer


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Avallone, G., Roccuzzo, G., Torres-Navarro , I., Gelato, F., Mastorino, L., Agostini, A., Merli, M., Cavallo, F., Rubatto, M., Senetta, R., Botella Estrada, R., Ribero, S., & Quaglino, P. (2022). Association between Primary Cutaneous B-cell Lymphomas and Other Skin Cancers: A Multicentre Cohort Study. Acta Dermato-Venereologica, 102, adv00687.



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