Segmental Pigmentation Disorder: Clinical Manifestations and Epidemiological Features in 144 patients, a Retrospective Case-control Study


  • Meital Oren-Shabtai Division of Dermatology, Rabin Medical Center
  • Aryeh Metzker
  • Dan Ben Amitai
  • Eli Sprecher
  • Ilan Goldberg Department of Dermatology, Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, 6 Weizman Street, Tel Aviv 64239 Israel



pigmentation, segmental, mosaicism, extracutaneous manifestations


Segmental pigmentation disorder (SPD) is characterized by hypo- or hyper-pigmented patches segmentally distributed, present in infancy, more prominently in darker-skinned children. The aim of this study was to define the demographic and clinical characteristics of SPD in a large series of patients. This was a retrospective case-control study at 2 paediatric dermatology centres in Israel. Data were collected through a telephone questionnaire and medical records. The study group consisted of 144 individuals with SPD and 144 individuals visiting the same institutions matched for age and sex. Median age of onset of SPD was near birth; 51% of patients were Sephardic Jews, and patients were followed up for a median period of 27 years. The patches were located on the torso (43%), mostly hypopigmented (52%), and remained of the same intensity and size in 55% and 41% of cases, accordingly. No differences in extracutaneous morbidities were found between SPD and control patients. This study delineates the demographic and clinical characteristics of SPD, confirms that cutaneous findings in SPD are more prominent in darker skin, tends not to expand in size or accentuate throughout the years, nor to be associated with extracutaneous morbidities.


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