Study of Psychological Stress, Sebum Production and Acne Vulgaris in Adolescents


  • Gil Yosipovitch
  • Mark Tang
  • Aerlyn G. Dawn
  • Mark Chen
  • Chee Leok Goh
  • Yiong Huak Chan
  • Lim Fong Seng



acne, adole�scents, sebum, psychological stress.


Sebum production is thought to play a major role in acne vulgaris in adolescents. Psychological stress may exacerbate acne; however, it is not known whether the perceived association between stress and acne exacerbation is due to increased sebum production. The aims of this study were to determine: (i) if psychological stress in adolescents is associated with increased sebum production; and (ii) if stress is associated with increased acne severity independent of, or in conjunction with, increased sebum production. Ninety-four secondary school students in Singapore (mean age 14.9 years) were enrolled in this prospective cohort study. During a high stress condition (prior to mid-year examinations) and a low stress condition (during the summer holidays), the following were evaluated: (i) self-reported stress level using the Perceived Stress Scale; (ii) sebum level at baseline and at 1 h; and (iii) acne severity. The prevalence of self-reported acne in this study population was high (95% in males and 92% in females). Most subjects had mild to moderate acne. Sebum measurements did not differ significantly between the high stress and low stress conditions. For the study population as a whole, we observed a statistically significant positive correlation (r=0.23, p=0.029) between stress levels and severity of acne papulopustulosa. In adolescents, psychological stress does not appear to affect the quantity of sebum production. The study suggests a significant association between stress and severity of acne papulopustulosa, especially in males. Increased acne severity associated with stress may result from factors other than sebum quantity.


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Yosipovitch, G., Tang, M., Dawn, A. G., Chen, M., Leok Goh, C., Huak Chan, Y., & Fong Seng, L. (2007). Study of Psychological Stress, Sebum Production and Acne Vulgaris in Adolescents. Acta Dermato-Venereologica, 87(2), 135–139.




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